Business Process Optimisation

Business Process Optimisation

There are many benefits of Enterprise Content Management (ECM), such as savings on printing, archive storage, or mail. But it’s doubtful that any of these benefits attribute considerably towards your total business expenditure. It’s probably safe to say that the primary expense in your business would be staff wages. So it’s understandable that you’re going to want get the most out of your staff to ensure you’re receiving the greatest return on investment.

Through Business Process Optimisation (BPO) and office automation, you can make your staff more productive, giving you a greater operative capacity. We achieve this by building workflows to fit your business processes, see where you can automate steps, and look into further ways of optimising your processes.

Office Automation

One of the key areas of Business Process Optimisation (BPO) is looking where you can automate menial tasks. Using workflow routing tools, you can distribute documents around your business based on predefined metadata criteria. An example of this is in an Accounts Payable process, whereby invoice can be automatically delivered to the relevant approving manager based on invoice amount, department, or any other characteristics.

Staff Accountability

Through lapses of judgment or pure forgetfulness, staff’s productivity is severely diminished. With B2B’s workflow solutions, you will always be assured that a sale’s lead is always acted upon, an invoice get’s paid on time, or a service request never goes unfulfilled. Through automated reminders and escalations based on due dates, or powerful analytics that show when a process is failing, your staff will always be completely accountable for their work

Documents and Files passed instantly

In a traditional, paper-based business process, you have staff walking all over your office building delivering documents in person, or by post, email or fax. In your average business day, you might have your staff doing this same task of delivering documents or files hundreds of times. Doesn’t sound very productive, does it?

Using B2B’s workflow tools, your staff would receive an email or pop-up notification that they have a new document to review. They would then click on it, look at it, action it, and send it off to the next person in the workflow in a matter of seconds.

Customizable Workflows

We appreciate that every business is different, and an “out of the box” solution just isn’t going to cut it. Rather than forcing you to fit to the solution, we make the solution fit to you. We accomplish this cost effectively through powerful graphical workflow process tools, achieving a blank canvas to build anything imaginable, for any process, for any organisation.

Business System Integration

We understand any organisation can have several different existing business systems. They may be great at doing what they do, or they may be so embedded in the core of your business that changing it would be just too costly. It’s for this reason that B2B can integrate into most other systems to achieve a greater amount of automation, or work towards consolidating your company data, to accomplish increased productivity through database integration.


In the age of a mobile workforce, facilitating the ability for staff to work on the go is more important than ever. In the traditional paper-based business processes, supporting a mobile workforce is challenging. Although most of us have access to email on our phones and tablets, it doesn’t ensure security or authenticity, and things can get lost or forgotten.

With B2B’s workflow and content management solutions, you can to view a file, digitally sign it, and route it, all from any mobile device with access to an internet connection.

Powerful Analytics

Having the data and information you need at your fingertips in order to make critical, well informed business decisions is the key to optimising your business processes. Knowing how productive your staff are, and where bottlenecks may lie assists you in making the right decisions of where to allocate staff, or if your business process needs to be reviewed.

B2B’s solution has powerful analytical tools to ensure you’re always informed of what is going on in your organisation

We appreciate that every business is different, contact us now to discuss how we can achieve productivity increases and savings within your business.