Why Redesign Your Business Processes?

Why Redesign Your Business Processes?

Systems and processes are at the heart of every business and when everything runs smoothly, they are hardly even given a thought. It is only when things become a little out-dated or something goes wrong, that these business processes are examined in any great detail. Why fix something that isn’t broken, you might ask? Some government or financial institutes have been operating for many years using the same processes but like all things business related, everything needs an upgrade or review to ensure that the business is performing at its best and meeting the needs of the employees and its clients.

Why is business process optimisation necessary?

There are two main reasons why you should consider redesigning and optimising the business processes of your organisation.

1. Organic Growth

The first reason is to do with the organic nature of your business. The longer a company is trading, the more it will grow and thrive naturally of its own accord. There is nothing forced about the growth; it develops organically from within to meet the needs of the company. And as it grows, business process optimisation becomes more important to handle the desired outcome.

Here is a prime example. Consider for a moment that a marketing department is running a promotion to connect with a specific type of customer. Whenever that “specific” customer profile contacts the organisation, extra information is collected over and above the standard information taken from the other types of customers to help build a relevant offer for these individuals. Definitive business processes need to be put into play to end the process in a timely manner to avoid unnecessary data collection, followed by a plan to be put into place to make the most of the valuable data.

2. Competitive Advantage

Keeping up with the Joneses’ is more pressing than ever in today’s fast-paced business age and ensuring your processes align with internal change is vital. Even if you are not keen to redesign, you will soon learn that it is necessary to keep up with your competitors and your customers. Avoiding modifications will mean you are left far behind.

Fairly self-explanatory, those who refuse to upgrade their business process will be stumbling to stay up with the rest of the pack. New competitors will ultimately enter the market offering a similar product or service at a better price or with extra add-ons to meet particular client needs. A redesign will be necessary for you to stay in the game.

Redesigning business processes saves time and money

What if you could keep doing what you are doing, only better? And what if, for just a small amount of money, you can increase your bottom line and save time in the process?

While all businesses are different in their methodologies, aims and ideals, at the most basic level, they all want the same thing. They want to make an unequivocal mark in their field and be able to turn over a decent profit so they can continue doing what they are doing for the long haul. Improved efficiency and increased effectiveness are just two direct results of redesigning internal business processes which will ensure that these two things happen simultaneously and with minimal fuss.

Less menial, more meaningful

Automating processes so it is less time consuming for your team ensures that their ‘time’ is better spent on areas that require more human input. Productive staff with less menial tasks on their to-do list will thrive in a positive environment. And let’s not forget that happy employees mean less staff turnover which again increases the health of your profit margin.

In reality, all organisations need to assess the health of their business processes at least once or twice a year to ensure they are on track with their benchmarks. Don’t put off for tomorrow, what can be done today; the health of your business depends on it.

How long is it since you reviewed your business systems?

If you haven’t reviewed your business systems in a while, it’s time you took the plunge. Call the team at B2B to help you create a sustainably productive and efficient work environment. Phone: 1300 525 504 today.