How to use software analytics to your advantage

How to use software analytics to your advantage

Analytics provide important insights into your business. Analytics can highlight areas of improvement, what works and what doesn’t, as well as where you can cut costs.

“The ability to monitor, report on and then optimise your key processes and workstreams is key to continuous improvement”, according to Hyland, one of our key partners in software.

One benefit of our software is the provision of analytics, that can help you make informed business decisions that improve your company.

Print software

Print software is installed directly onto your copier or printer, giving you real-time information accurately. Within our print software technology, analytics are provided to show you where inconsistencies are. This means that you can identify who is taking advantage of the printers, abusing it or wasting paper. You can also see the best ‘users’ who double sides the most, who rationalises print the best and who is the ‘colour print champion’.

This will lead to cutting costs, as with this information, you can put in place rules-based printing to control the print usage by users and set-in place quotas on prints, access to colour prints and more.

One of our key print software products is Papercut. Papercut was installed at our customer, the Institute of Management and Commerce for both students, and for staff in an attempt to heighten monitoring and reporting.For staff, this would monitor what they are printing and help reduce costs, which was a requirement of the finance team. Whereas for students, “Papercut software is currently being used with the printers for the students. It allows us to control paper wastage, and also keeps students accountable for their print usage. In an effort to be more sustainable and help prevent wasted documents. Not only this, but we have received positive feedback from the students who use it,” says Anning of IMC.

Digital workflow software

Digital workflow software is designed to help your staff streamline their manual procedures and save time. With this, comes analytics to help you manage the processes. They enable information to be produced that can identify staff productivity as well as show who is doing what, and what sections of the process can be improved.

Furthermore, you will be able to keep track of the newly automated processes, through real-time reporting and an interactive dashboard.

With our solutions, you can access analytics that help save time and money, and our automation software can turn a 5-hour job into a 20-minute job.

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