Tips to improve your business efficiency without breaking the bank

Minimising Costs in your Business

Tips to improve your business efficiency without breaking the bank

Minimising costs within your business is a core goal for every manager. Within these trying times especially, it is important to be able to operate efficiently, while not ‘breaking the bank’. We at B2B Technologies know how important it is to have operating systems and products that are high quality, reliable and cost efficient. This is why we offer our solutions.

Adrian Jacobson from Taking Shape reported that “B2B Technologies was able to implement a range of solutions to enhance our operations. We have experienced less down time, higher quality print output and overall our print costs have reduced dramatically.”

Here are some of the ways our solutions can help you reduce costs:

Print Software

Papercut is a software that allows for full control over your printers and copiers. The use of tracking and analytics can control print behaviour, and allow you to not only print securely, but while doing so, it eliminates paper waste.

Its features include ‘follow-you printing’ that releases documents when you are ready to collect them – this can be done through authentication methods such as access cards or PIN codes. Not only does this prevent documents from sitting on the printer, it prevents wastage as no one will dispose of or move your document. Rules-based printing is another feature that helps you control the way users print through print policies and user quotas. This means that certain departments can be set to only print in black and white, or a certain amount of prints are allotted per person. Cost recovery can also be seen when allocating printing costs to users, devices, departments or even at client levels. Lastly, the analytics on offer with this software show print use and produce reports that illustrate wastage, equipment abuse and spot inefficiencies.

Digital workflow solutions

Workflow processes within a business must operate with efficiency, as it is the most time-consuming and manually-driven jobs. By employing software to automate routine tasks, you can streamline your workflows.

This means that files can be sent to the next person at the click of a button, with pop-up or email notifications when a file arrives to you, enabling paper savings and cost savings, especially with the analytics provided. The analytics can also show staff productivity and allow you to make well-informed business decisions.


We offer a range of print management services, that allow you to deal with one supplier for all print-related needs, and allow you to have a multitude of brands to choose from, taking away the hassle of paying different suppliers for your needs. Your single cost per page covers consumables, service and maintenance. This means you only have one supplier to call for all your needs.

Flexible finance is also offered, taking care of your lease and managed print service needs for a competitive monthly fee.

Print management software, which is installed on your printer free of charge, also enables real-time intelligence on your print fleet, and the overall print environment. It proactively notifies when issues arise and automatically alerts when you need more toner.

“If you already are in a print agreement, we offer free print assessments to evaluate your current systems, calculate any hidden costs, and can suggest ways to cut costs immediately.”

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