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Ensuring your information is safe and secure is a concern for all businesses. This is why we partner with providers that understand the need to increase security in your business. Not only is this a natural business concern, but yearly trends show information security is an issue for companies. However, this proves to be hard with businesses attempting to adopt more interconnected and digital workplace practices. 

What if we told you that you can improve your data security while making your business more digital? 

B2B Technologies, along with our partners, invests in providing our clients with solutions that not only create a more digital and automated work environment but a more secure one. 

Solutions that can Increase Security in Your Business

B2B Technologies | Increase Security in Your Business - increase security in your business


Printers are a major source of concern when it comes to security vulnerabilities. These range from; unclaimed or abandoned prints, latent images on a hard disk or removable drive, and unauthorised access to the printer and its device reconfiguration. 

Ricoh’s new intelligent device range of multifunction IM C printers was created to ensure a smarter workplace, while maintaining a high level of security, so much so that Ricoh was awarded certifications for their security of a digital multifunctional product.

The security features of these printers include; multi-layered protection, secure access through User Codes, proprietary OS to minimise outside threats, and device end-of-life services. 

Lexmark’s devices are designed with security in mind. Within their printers, security features are embedded to minimise threats and vulnerabilities. The devices feature hard disc encryption, secure boot technology, and encrypted firmware. Also available is the authentication and authorisation of the user and group security to ensure controlled access, as well as login restrictions and operator panel lock functionality. Investing in the right printers are key to increase security in your business.

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Print Software

Print software is another way to ensure heightened security. This solution is simple to use and low-cost to implement. 

Papercut software’s feature of ‘follow-you-printing’ is designed to ensure your prints are secure. Using authentication methods, like access cards and PIN codes, you can securely release prints from any device. Not only this, but the device will store your document until you are ready to collect it. 

Analytics on print usage and data are also kept safe on a fully-secured server. This solution is essential to increase security in your business.

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Digital Workflow Solutions

Investing in automation software to simplify and streamline business services is a trend in the current business climate. With working from home becoming more common, businesses will need to invest in solutions that enable access for employees no matter where they are. This can pose a threat to a business’ security and integrity of data retention. This is one are that needs attention and investment to increase security in your business.

Hyland’s OnBase software is an enterprise platform for managing content, processes and cases deployed on-premises or in the Hyland Cloud. This is one of many solutions that we can provide customers, due to its ability to keep employees connected and secure no matter where they are. 

OnBase centralises important business content in one secure location and then delivers relevant information to the right people when they need it, wherever they are. 

According to Hyland, “OnBase keeps your document security protected at all times, guarding it from unauthorised access while it isn’t actively being used; as it’s transported between servers; and as it’s used”. Built-in security features include; password policies, rights management, security keywords and audit trails. 

The action to increase security in your business is easy with the right products and services. Know you are secure when you invest in our solutions.

We offer digital consultancy services that can ensure we find the best solutions to fit our customer’s needs. Increasing security is just one benefit of this service. For more information please contact us today at 1300 213 074 or email 

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