Modern Work Space

Work is no longer a place to go, it’s a state of mind.

Many people in the workforce are moving toward working wherever they want, giving you access to the modern work space- your place.
B2B Technologies can give you the mobility to work anywhere. Our solutions give you a combination of: software, IT solutions and technical support for your equipment.

The best part is, we can offer our solutions under a monthly subscription model.

The modern work place is where you are.

Smart Office

Interactive Whiteboards: We want to help you bring your content to life for more engaged user groups.

With our interactive whiteboards, you can edit, develop and present live on a screen.

Boardroom Platforms: Our easy to use boardroom platforms allow you and your team to access live activity at any time. With our secure technology, your team can customise set ups, send messages, run reports and access information from any platform or browser.

Smarter Sign In: With B2B Technologies, we want to help you transition into a smoother sign in process.

We can help automate procedures so you can manage: visitors, contractors and staff in a secure and simple fashion.

Unified Communications

We want to help your staff communicate with ease.

Our suite of solutions enables every member of your business community to meet and share information from any location.

Our services can help you schedule, launch and join video conferences via any device, network or location.

From voice, visual to virtual, our conferencing services & collaborative tools will unify all modes of your business’ communication.

Seamless unified communication keeps everyone in the loop, ensuring maximum productivity for your staff.