Printing in your business should be a simple task.

We offer managed print services, so our clients will always have a specialist looking after your workflows and processes. That way you’ll always have a functioning printer; and you’ll never run out of ink!

Managed Print Services

We’ve taken managed print services to the next level.

Our customer feedback has always been important, that’s why we use efficient technologies to give you what you need. We’re reducing your administration and giving you more up-time. We want to maintain accountability while offering a high level of customer service, no matter where you are located. The best part is, we can provide all our services without the constraints of third-party finance arrangements.


Every business has different goals and we know how important it is to give our clients choice. That’s why B2B Technologies has teamed with a variety of premium manufacturers to give you the choice of who you want to associate with your business. Our partner relationships have been nurtured for over 30 years, to guarantee you the best service, no matter which you choose.

Print Software Solutions

We want to make sure you can print the smart way.

We offer multi-device options, so you can print from any device in your office. Whether it be from a desktop, the cloud or from your mobile, we make sure you can securely print whatever you want, whenever you need to.

Secure printing is not only safe, it’s sustainable. We make sure that whenever you send a secure document to print, it is held until you’re ready to collect it. Minimising paper waste and ensuring the security of your documents.

Flexible Finance Options

We believe that it is important to support the products we sell.

That’s why we launched B2B Finance, so we can provide leasing and managed print services for a simple monthly fee.

We want to give you the option of finding all your solutions in one place, so you don’t have to waste time seeking out third party finance.