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Explore the strength of our partnerships in the B2B tech realm. Together, we drive innovation, deliver excellence, and shape the future of business technologies.

Our partnerships have been curated for over 30 years. We have teamed up with a range of premium manufacturers, who provide exceptional products across the fields of print, print technology, digital workflow solutions and collaboration.

B2B Technologies | Our Partners - Ricoh


Key products: Printers, Production Equipment, Interactive Whiteboards, Unified Collaboration Solutions

Ricoh is one of the market leaders for print, whose strength lies in manufacturing. They provide a range of printers perfect for any office space, or business need. These include desktop, multifunction or production machines. They have recently expanded their products to include collaboration and communication solutions, with the goal of empowering digital workplaces with mobility and flexibility to connect and collaborate.

B2B Technologies | Our Partners - B2B Partners Epson


Key products: Printers, Wide-Format Printers

Epson is a forefront manufacturer in inkjet colour printing. Its global status was achieved through its innovative technology, and high-performance colour inkjet printers. Its range of multifunction and colour inkjet printers, and large format printers makes it an undeniable choice for businesses.

B2B Technologies | Our Partners - B2B Partners Lexmark


Key products: Printers

Established in 1991, Lexmark has rapidly risen as a global leader in imaging and output technology solutions. They pride themselves on offering printers that deliver a high performance at a lower cost, creating devices suitable for small and medium businesses, as well as larger and enterprise businesses.

B2B Technologies | Our Partners - B2B Partners Kyocera


Key products: Printers

Kyocera dates back to 1959 in Japan. It has developed market leadership in telecommunications hardware, electronics and metal processing. The ECOSYS line of printers was developed with the fundamental basis of it being sustainable and economical.

B2B Technologies | Our Partners - B2B Partners OKI


Key products: Printers

Oki was established in 1881 as Japan’s first telecommunications company. Oki has been a lead innovator in the print industry for over 30 years. In 1989, Oki manufacturer the first LED printers, and most recently in 2013, created the industry’s first digital LED 5 colour A3 printer. Oki is committed to the environment through its carbon zero-rated production facilities.

B2B Technologies | Our Partners - jabra-1


Key products: Headsets

Over the last 150 years, Jabra has been innovating sound as we know it. Jabra headsets have been created to be the best-in-class sound solution. Jabra is known to be an extremely innovative and technical company, often being the first to deliver new products in this.

B2B Technologies | Our Partners - B2B Partners Benq


Key products: Interactive Flat Panels and Smart Signage

BenQ is a world-leading human technology and solutions provider, with the sole aim of bringing enjoyment and quality to one’s life. Its range of products specifically target various businesses in its goal of improving the everyday experience.

B2B Technologies | Our Partners - papercut-1


Key products: Print Technology Software

Papercut’s fleet management software was established in 1998, and is now present in over 180 countries and 60 000 organisations. Papercut is engineering-focused and customer-driven in order to continue to provide quality software and build long lasting relationships.

B2B Technologies | Our Partners - scannervision


Key products: Digital Workflow Solutions Software

Over a decade ago, Scannervision went from an embedded software on a multifunction device to an advanced document capture middleware solution, designed to automate and streamline workflows, helping thousands of organisations save money and improve operational efficiency. B2B Technologies has sole distribution rights in the Australian market.

B2B Technologies | Our Partners - B2B Partners DocuWare


Key products: Digital Workflow Solutions Software

DocuWare’s digital document management and automated workflows help organisations of all sizes reach their potential. Its smart digital workflow and document control help businesses optimise worker productivity and overall company performances through its innovative technology. Today, DocuWare is widely recognised all over the world.

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