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Our motto: Don’t let others find a problem to fit their product; rather let me find a solution to solve your problem

We launched our digital consultancy so our customers weren’t just buying products but instead had a hands-on digital guide to help transform their business with software, ensuring you do not waste money on the wrong products or products you don’t actually need.

Many customers want to transform digitally, but don’t know where to start. This is where we come in.

Why Digital Consultancy?

Although digital technology is inevitable if you want to stay competitive in today’s business world, it’s pointless if it doesn’t deliver the business outcomes you need to reach your goals. That’s why a digital transformation journey shouldn’t involve rushing out to buy the latest technology and never receiving a return on your investment, but rather it should be to invest money to save money.

In fact, if your goal is to increase productivity, improve the customer experience, and gain the insights you need to innovate and grow your business. With our help, this can all be achieved.

Why B2B Technologies?

B2B Technologies has the skills and experience to translate your business needs into measurable results. Our team has consulted on projects using numerous unifying software solutions, providing a unique combination of insightful strategy, compelling experience design and deep technical expertise.

What we go through with you in every project

B2B Technologies | Digital Consultancy - first-steps

First Steps

  • Identify problem areas within the organisation.
  • Collate and define what processes exist – internal and customer-focused.
  • Identify stakeholders and representatives for the process.
  • Clarify the overall desired outcomes.
B2B Technologies | Digital Consultancy - workshop

Workshop session

  • Build a common understanding of the specific objectives.
  • Identify drivers for each representative in being part of the engagement.
  • Define scope and success criteria.
  • Identify the processes to tackle and prioritise based on the objectives, complexity, resources and return on investment.
B2B Technologies | Digital Consultancy - delivery-implementation

Delivery & Implementation

  • Define the specific delivery timeframes in manageable blocks, expectations of outcomes, and the process of feedback.
  • The team starts building and delivering.

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