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Managing your print fleet should be seamless! With our solutions, it can be.

Our print software solutions are simple, low-cost software applications that let you take control and manage your printers, copiers and multifunction devices. The aim of this software is to eliminate waste, encourage responsible print behaviour and make users and departments accountable for their print usage.

Did you know that 10,000 pages are printed by the average employee per year, adding up to an average of $725 per year? (Paperless Project).

The embedded software on the multifunction device enables tracking, control and secure print release directly from the device’s panel.


PaperCut MF

No matter the size of your company, what printers you use, or even your operating system, Papercut MF is the print management solution that gives you complete visibility and control of your print environment.

How does it work?

PaperCut MF provides built-in, browser-based administration access from any network location to enable centralised management of every user and printing device.

Key Features:

Manage your print environment

Cost recovery:

  • Up to 12% of print jobs are uncollected. Secure print release means less paper wastage, and you can save on toner and ink

  • Allocate printing costs to user, device, department or client level

Secure printing:

  • Securely release prints from any device with find-me-printing

  • Prevents wastage

  • Authentication methods: access cards, PIN codes

  • End-to-end encryption

  • Watermarking and digital signatures

Rules-based printing:

  • Control the way that users print through print policies and set user quotas.

Integrate with third-party systems


  • Reports address all areas, from detailed page logs to summaries by user, department, device, and environmental impact

  • Analyse printing use and produce reports to spot inefficiencies, wastage or equipment abuse

PaperCut Hive

Papercut Hive is the complete cloud-native print management solution for business. This solution is server-less, which means there are no servers or hardware onsite.

How does it work?

Users simply print from any device to a single print queue and securely release their print job using their mobile phone or the MFP/MFD’s touchscreen.

Key Features

Print from any device

Convenient print release options

  • Print to one queue and pick up at any MFP/MFD using the simple ’tap and release’ workflow powered by Find-Me printing

Secure Printing

  • Choose when and where users can print, copy, and scan

  • Securely collect jobs at the MFP/MFD using a phone, ID card or the MFD touchscreen

  • Promote responsible document handling by applying a username watermark or a digital signature


  • Reminders to print 2-sided or black and white

  • Up to 12% of print jobs are uncollected. Secure print release means less paper wastage, and you can save on toner and ink

Printer Compatibility

  • Print from any brand

  • Touchscreen embedded software

  • Copy, scan and fax tracking


Are you tire of the hassle and limitations of traditional printing solutions?

SafeQ Cloud is an innovative cloud-based printing platform that brings simplicity, convenience, and efficiency to your printing needs.

What is YSoft SafeQ Cloud?

This is a cutting-edge printing solution that lets you print documents from any device to any printer, anytime, anywhere. Say goodbye to complex setups and compatibility issues.

Unmatched Convenience

No more being tied to a specific computer or location. With SafeQ Cloud, you can print documents from your laptop, tablet, or smartphone, making your printing experience truly flexible.

Simple Setup

Setting up printers and devices can be a headache. Our cloud solution simplifies the process, making it easy for anyone to connect and start printing in minutes.

Print Anywhere

Whether you're at the office, at home, or on the go, your documents are just a few clicks away from being printed. This freedom ensures you're never bound by the limitations of a single location.


Our platform employs robust security measures to protect your sensitive data during the printing process, giving you peace of mind knowing your documents are in safe hands.


Traditional printing solutions often come with high maintenance and hardware costs. SafeQ Cloud eliminates the need for expensive printing infrastructure, saving you money in the long run.

User-Friendly Interface

Our intuitive interface requires minimal training, ensuring that anyone in your organization can use it without hassle.

Enhanced Productivity

With the ability to print remotely and quickly, you'll experience a boost in productivity as your employees spend less time managing printing logistics.


Everyone Print Cloud supports sustainable practices by reducing the need for unnecessary printing. You'll contribute to a greener environment by printing only what's essential.


Whether you have a small team or a large organisation, SafeQ Cloud grows with you. Add new users and printers effortlessly as your needs evolve.

Effortless Updates

Say goodbye to manual updates and patches. Our cloud-based solution ensures you're always up-to-date with the latest features and improvements.

Use Device Features

Use an embedded app in supported print devices to take advantage of device specific features, including secure print release

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Benefits of print software

Cost Recovery

Encourage responsible print behaviour that eliminates paper waste and saves the machine’s energy, all the while cutting costs.


  • Allows more up-time, and limits manual tasks of meter reads and ordering toner.

  • Automatically applies rules-based printing once rules are set.


  • Keeps documents safe and secure until you are ready to print them

  • Analytics are stored on a fully-secured server


  • Cutting paper costs by limiting print wastage, and meter reports

  • Saves toner costs and power usage


We understand that every business has different goals. We have been in the industry for over 30 years, curating our relationships with premium manufacturers and partners Australia-wide.

With a managed print service plan, our use of efficient technologies and our team of specialists will reduce your administration and allow the focus on your business to go un-interrupted.

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Any issues that arise are taken care of by us, whether it be shipping toner directly to your office, monitoring your printer supplies so that you won't run out of ink, or having one of our techs attend your site when a service has been requested. We take care of you no matter where you are located.

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With us, you are after by one of our key account managers, who are highly experienced in meeting your business needs. Our customer service team ensure that you get the support you need, when you need it, and our in-house technicians cater to all your technical needs.

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One Supplier

You’re dealing with one supplier for all print-related needs, from toner through to financing agreements. That means one bill, one phone number to call and one supplier who knows your company and truly values your business.

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Competitive Prices

We have competitive prices for all our equipment. We understand the needs of business owners, and we can help you get the right solution for a good price.

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See What Our Customers Are Saying

Jacqui Grant
Jacqui Grant
November 27, 2023
Stewart and B2BT were fantastic. The change over to a new supplier included finalisation of an existing agreement and return of goods. This was all handled in timely fashion and resulted in a cost savings. Very happy and highly recommend.
info - Highly Strung Music
info - Highly Strung Music
August 28, 2023
B2B were knowledgeable, prompt and efficient in dealing with my printer service under warranty. Christian subsequently went over and above with a Team Viewer and phone session to help resolve some issues I was having with wi-fi. Highly recommended!
Sales Sweetcraft
Sales Sweetcraft
August 23, 2023
Sweetcraft would like to thank B2B Technologies for the amazing service. We purchased a SmartBoard for our warehouse and it has been exceptional in displaying our products. Michael, Nadia and Rebecca were extremely helpful and offered fantastic service. It was a pleasure doing business with you all!
Mathew Ward
Mathew Ward
July 18, 2023
We needed two printers in a hurry. Ryan and Ryan from B2B gave me a good package deal and had the first printer delivered within 2 days. They have been great to work with. Mat. Marrickville Golf Club.
Andrea Grieve
Andrea Grieve
July 11, 2023
We asked B2B Technologies to be our print partners at Oatlands Golf Club. The process of signing on was clear and easy to do. The printers they recommended suit our needs and they didn’t push us to get printers that were more than we needed. The install, except for our own IT issues, was great. They went above and beyond to work with our IT provider to ensure the printers worked with our network. I love the carbon offset scheme of planting trees as well as being able to easily recycle our toner waste. It helps our business with our sustainability goals. Would recommend them to anyone who wants to use them as their technology partner.
Gary Hung
Gary Hung
June 28, 2023
We recently purchased some RICOHS MFP's and a SmartBoard from B2B Tech. I worked with Michael Zannetides through the whole process and his customer service was just fantastic. The hardware was tailored to our needs and from start to finish, he just makes it easy and stress free. The printers was delivered on time. They were professionally installed by their technicians and the training was super helpful for our Aged Care staff. The team from B2B Tech understand the technologies businesses need to just make our day to day duties just a little bit easier in a ever changing environment working with technology.
effie olymbios
effie olymbios
June 23, 2023
We purchased a Smart board for each of our centers, and we are so happy with the functionality and features that the boards provide. Corey who sold us the boards was extremely helpful and wonderful to deal with. I would highly recommend their Smart boards to anyone who is looking for a way to connect children to technology and STEMS programs.
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