Frequently Asked Questions


Who are B2B Technologies?

We are an enthusiastic group of professionals that work with you to help make your business better. Our primary office is situated on the outskirts of the bustling Sydney city, Alexandria. However, we have multiple offices around NSW and Melbourne.

What services can B2B Technologies offer my business?

Our passionate team offer a range of services that help you simplify your systems, saving your business time and money.
Our goal is to simplify your processes and help your business work smarter.

Our Print and Software solutions set your office up with the right technology for your business to optimise your operations.

Our eForms, Delivery and Accounts Payable solutions automate your workflows and eliminate paper forms and manual data entry, making these essential tasks seamless.

What do B2B Technologies services cost?

All our solutions are tailored to the needs of your business, making every solution individual to your company. This means our costs vary based on the individual project and services requested.


Is toner included in the cost or is it extra?

When you elect to undertake a managed print service agreement, toner and ink are included in your agreement. If you are not on a managed print agreement, then toner can be purchased directly from one of our service and supplies department.

What is the warranty for printers?

When you buy a printer under our managed print service agreement, you’re guaranteed ongoing service, repair and replacements.

For printers that are directly purchased from B2B Technologies, the manufacturer warranty applies.

How long does shipping and installation take?

At B2B Technologies, all our customers who undertake a managed print service agreement are of high priority. We ensure that delivery and installation is as efficient as possible.

Our aim is to run-up and install within 5-6 business days of receiving the machine from the manufacturer, so we can have you up and running as fast as we can.

Accounts Payable, eForms and Delivery

How long does implementation take?

The time frame for integrating our office solutions: eForms, and Delivery solutions will vary depending on the solution required. As we tailor our solutions to your business and so the implementation will depend on the complexity and size of the product.

When you meet with one of our solutions experts, they will be able to provide a timeframe for implementation, based on your business’ needs.