Digital Workflow Solutions

Businesses rely on workflow processes operating seamlessly, with each employee completing their tasks productively and with ease – even the most time-consuming and manually-driven jobs.

So how can we help? New technologies have been made available to businesses to help automate manual tasks, consolidate and manage data and information, streamlines processes and more! This is known as Digital Transformation.

Digital transformation is taking the business world by storm; making your employee’s work lives easier, and helping your business stay ahead of the curve. With our solutions, you can access analytics that help save time and money, and our automation software can turn a 5-hour job into a 20-minute job.

Did you know 56% of CEOs said digital improvements have led to revenue growth? (Gartner)

Take the first steps on your digital transformation journey with us as your digital guides.

Digital Transformation: how?

Automation tools

  • Automate routine tasks
  • Distribute files based on pre-defined characteristics
  • Automated reminders
  • Escalations based on dates
  • Analytics

Streamline your workflows

  • Files being sent to the next person at the click of a button
  • Pop-up or email notifications when a file arrives to you
  • Save paper and money with our efficient analytics

Integrate business systems

  • Eliminate manual data entry and errors
  • Achieve a greater amount of automation
  • Allowing systems to talk to one another

Multi-device options

  • View all files from any device
  • Digitally sign files
  • Route, scan and upload captured files to a digital repository of your choice

Our Partners

B2B Partners Scannervision

Having the right information at the right time, in the right place is not easy. Especially when the information is only available on paper.

ScannerVision is a solution to automate document workflows, which captures, processes and stores scanned documents, as well as documents generated by other applications.

B2B Partners DocuWare

Docuware is an electronic document management system. It helps you organise paper and digital files in a central digital repository.

These systems process, capture, store, manage and track documents within your organisation.

B2B Partners Hyland

OnBase is a single enterprise information platform for managing content, processes and cases deployed on-premises or in the Hyland Cloud.

OnBase centralises important business content in one secure location, and then delivers relevant information to the right people when they need it, wherever they are. Increase productivity, deliver excellent customer service and reduce risk across the entire enterprise.

The Solutions




A single system that can capture both physical and electronic content. The system then can automate the data, allowing central access to it.

File, sync & share

File, sync & share


Enterprise file sync and share enables users with retaining control over information shared outside your organisation.

Enterprise content management

Enterprise content management


This will manage your content from the point of implementation all the way through the information’s lifespan, until finally being archived or deleted.


Less manual data entry Icon

Less manual data entry

  • Reduction of errors
  • Time saved through automation
  • Upload files from mobile devices, multi-function printers
  • Batch scanning
Capture and distribution of files and data Icon

Capture and distribution of files and data

  • Import files from scanners, email addresses, fax machines
  • Capture information on a document and send to a repository of your choice automatically
Audit trails Icon

Audit trails

  • See file status
  • Manage flow of files
  • Cloud based service to access documents
  • Version control
  • Records management
  • Compliance
Cost-effective Icon


  • Eliminate paper waste
  • Analytics allows you to make well informed business decisions
  • Analytics show staff productivity