Workplace Collaboration

Collaboration solutions are products that heighten productivity, creativity and teamwork within an organisation. In the modern business world, collaboration has changed to include people inside and outside your organisation. With remote work and cross-organisational sharing, new technologies emerged to make this as seamless as ever!

“Did you know that 86% of employees and executives cite lack of collaboration or ineffective communication for workplace failures? (Salesforce)”

B2B Technologies is uniquely positioned to assess your needs and deliver the right solution for your business. Our products give you a combination of software and hardware, tailored to improve your everyday business practices.

Collaboration: how?

1. Modernise your workspace with collaboration solutions 

Work is no longer a place to go, it’s a state of mind. Many people in the workforce are moving toward working wherever they want, giving you access to the modern work space. B2B Technologies can give you the mobility to work anywhere.

2. Enhance communication methods

We want to help your staff communicate with ease. Our suite of solutions enables every member of your business community to meet and share information from any location. From voice, visual to virtual, our conferencing services & collaborative tools will unify all modes of your business’ communication.

3. Increase meeting productivity

Seamless unified communication keeps everyone in the loop, ensuring maximum productivity for your staff.

Our Solutions

Interactive Whiteboards

Ricoh’s interactive whiteboards inspire heightened productivity and collaboration, making it the perfect accessory for the modern workspace. It’s sizes range from 21.5” to 84”. With our interactive whiteboards, you can edit, develop, present, share screen, annotate, video conference and more!

Unified Communications

Ricoh’s unified communications solution can help you communicate with anyone, anytime and anywhere. The portable P3500 uses cloud-based operations to work on network at any location. The easy-to-carry unit allows videoconferencing to be done anywhere, without the need of a conference room.

Video Conference Cameras

Logitech’s video cameras are designed to be compatible with the Ricoh Interactive Whiteboards, turning any business space into a conference room. The Logitech Rally Cam and Meetup can transform your meeting room or huddle space.


Jabra headsets are the perfect accessory for the open office space. It’s features include effective noise-cancellation, a busylight that acts as a ‘do not disturb’ and it works with all mobile devices, allowing the easy transfer of calls from apps.

Interactive Flat Panels

BenQ’s interactive flat panels are perfect for any corporate or education environment. Increase engagement with those around you, whether its your colleagues or your students, with screen-mirroring, annotations, full HD displays and more!

Smart Signage

BenQ’s digital signage modernises small businesses and corporations. Elevate the attractiveness of retail and corporate environments with 4K resolution, sleek design and an array of sizes that suit any space.


Increased work productivity

Less workload before, during, and after meetings – especially for organisers. More efficient preparation, facilitation, and wrap-up achieved.

Prompt decision-making

Assist in making decisions, creating action items, assigning owners and setting deadlines quicker. Engage and motivate participants by making meetings more productive.

Smoother communication & collaboration

Connect instantly with partners around the world to discuss ideas and share images thanks to the Interactive Whiteboard embedded telecommunication system.