B2B Technologies as Your MPS Provider

b2b technologies as your MPS provider

B2B Technologies specialises in providing businesses with solutions, especially Managed Print Services (MPS). Here is what you need to know about B2B Technologies as your MPS provider, and how your business can benefit.

MPS refers to an all-in-one, comprehensive solution. It is provided by an external party to manage a company’s print infrastructure and optimize its printing environment.

With B2B Technologies as your MPS provider, we take responsibility for the operation, maintenance, and improvement of a company’s print fleet, including printers, copiers, scanners, and multifunction devices.

B2B Technologies as Your MPS Provider

Here are some key aspects of Managed Print Services:

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  1. Assessment and Optimisation

As your MPS provider, we begin by analysing your current fleet, usage, and costs associated. Based on this, we put together a proposal to assist in reducing costs, improving the print environment, and other factors.

If a customer would like to focus on increasing security, using more eco-friendly machines, or discussing options to reduce print waste, we also take this into account when suggesting these changes. This is why you need B2B Technologies as your MPS provider.

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  1. Device Procurement and Maintenance

Once the print fleet has been organised, and paperwork has been signed, B2B Technologies then handles the procurement, installation, and configuration of printers and other printing devices.

Our in-house customer fulfillment team and service team with our own technicians assist in every part of this process.

This is also the team that takes care of ongoing maintenance, and repairs, ensuring optimal performance and minimal downtime, as well as provision of toners.

Therefore, B2B Technologies as your MPS provider will take care of your solution from start to finish.

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  1. Supplies Management

As mentioned above, with B2B Technologies as your MPS provider, we handle the management of printing supplies such as ink or toner cartridges, and other consumables.

We use free software, 3manager, to monitor supply levels remotely, proactively replenish stock, and ensure that our customers never run out of essential printing materials.

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  1. Cost Control and Reporting

One of the primary goals of MPS is to reduce printing costs.

From start to finish, we track and analyze printing usage, helping you identify areas of waste and implement cost-saving measures.

The best part is, with B2B Technologies as your MPS provider, we offer flexible finance options and at any point, the agreement can be altered at any point in time.

b2b technologies as your MPS provider

  1. Security and Compliance

MPS providers implement security measures to safeguard the printing infrastructure and sensitive information.

This may include secure printing features, authentication mechanisms, and document encryption.

Many devices come with built-in authentication methods that can be configured at the time of installation. With B2B Technologies as your MPS provider, and especially for larger fleets, we often suggest printer software that allows for secure print release and multiple authentication methods to choose from.

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  1. Workflow Optimisation

With an MPS provider, we not only provide print solutions but compatible software that can streamline document workflows, in order to improve productivity and efficiency.

You get the option of choosing from document management systems, integrating scanning and digitisation processes, that automate repetitive tasks to enhance document handling and retrieval.

Not only this, but other software can be embedded on the device that assists you with rules-based printing that set print policy and user quotas, allows for reporting to show you print costs per department and users, as well as analytics that helps you spot inefficiencies, and wastage. This is another reason to choose B2B Technologies as your MPS provider.

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  1. Environmental Sustainability

Managed Print Services often include initiatives to reduce an organisation’s environmental impact.

This may involve implementing print policies to minimise unnecessary printing, promoting duplex (double-sided) printing, and encouraging the use of recycled paper and energy-efficient devices.

Environmental sustainability is a huge concern for us, and all businesses, so we make sure that we help our customers go green. You will always make a beneficial environmental impact with B2B Technologies as your MPS provider.

By partnering with B2B Technologies, and using us as your print management supplier, our customers can focus on their core business activities while enjoying cost savings, improved efficiency, and better control over their printing infrastructure. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today to have B2B Technologies as your MPS provider.

Call or email us for a quote today: 1300 213 074 or info@b2btechnologies.com.au

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