Customer Experience and the Print Industry

B2B Customer Experience and the Print Industry

Customer service is an intrinsic part of any company’s success. The existing customer base, and the attraction of new customers through exceptional services is what keeps a company afloat. In today’s current business climate, now more than ever, the service that is provided to a customer has more importance than the actual product being sold.

According to a Gartner Survey, 89% of companies are customer-experienced focused when it comes to competitiveness. When it comes to different industries, different aspects are important when it comes to customer service.

In the print industry, customer satisfaction is key. Not only does a printer company rely on having a large number of clients, but they also depend on us. This industry is centered on service and supply; especially as we all know too often that technology can sometimes go awry.

With a machine breakdown, or paper jam, a printer will shut down completely. This is the same for when a toner is out, or a waste toner bottle is full. This is the time where customers rely on our service and response time in order to continue with their business as usual. So, to us, the importance of customer experience is and has been constant.

Why is customer satisfaction important?

Being part of a business that is so customer-focused, one can easily identify the downside of customer dissatisfaction. In such a competitive industry like that of Printers and Technology, your customer may choose to go look elsewhere.

Moreover, they have the ability to spread negative word of the company, losing potential and future customers in the process. Many consumers do thorough research of the products before they decide on what they want – look at reviews, compare prices and stories posted.

Why a recent spike in focus on customer satisfaction?

Some companies place more emphasis on gaining the business, than keeping it; but do not realise that the latter is just as important.

Nowadays, the word about a company spreads pretty quickly. We now have online reviews, comments on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and more that can easily display a customer’s affection or contempt for a business.

However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t any advantages of these platforms. Social media and new technologies have allowed customer relations to reach a new level. One where employees can look after their customers more efficiently. We now have voicemails, emails, direct lines, and direct messaging to establish contact and interfacing between companies and their clients.

Here at B2B Technologies, our customers are our business, and that’s why we ensure you are always looked after. This is what our customers are saying: “Our partnership with B2B Technologies has been very valuable and we have found them to be very helpful whenever there have been technological problems or we need some advice they’re always on call to help us,” Madison Browne, OH&S Manager at Network Scaffolding.

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