Digital Transformation during a Pandemic

Digital Transformation during a Pandemic

Transforming your company’s processes during a pandemic sounds quite risky to some, but it could be the difference between helping your business staying afloat and prospering. At a low-cost, new technologies and software can be the asset you need for your company to survive during this unprecedented time.

The process of digital transformation can sound quite daunting, but B2B Technologies’ Software Business Development Manager and digital transformation guru, Ryan Hiscock, notes that just one simple step can change your entire business for the better.

“It’s not about radically changing your entire business and making it digital, but rather taking one small process that is manual or time-consuming, and turning it into something seamless,” says Ryan.

He is focused on supporting businesses in transforming digital processes with software so that more time and money are saved.

New technologies have been made available to businesses to help automate manual tasks, consolidate and manage data and information, streamline processes, and more. This benefits your business as there is fewer data entry, and the access to documents and files is much more concise, with version control, audit trails, and cloud-based access.

By implementing this across your business, whether you are working from home, or in the office; no matter where you are, you will be able to be part of the digital workflow process, retain control over information shared outside your organisation, have a central access point for all users, all the while maintaining a high level of security.

“Ultimately, the software helps you save money through the elimination of paper waste, and analytics that provide insight into the business and staff productivity”, says Ryan. “Not only this, but there is a need for access across the board, and security is a major factor with this”.

Our customers who have utilised this software have found that a job that once took 5 hours, only took 20 minutes. This means your employees are able to cut down time spent on tasks, heightening productivity and allowing them to complete their tasks with ease.

“Digital Transformation does not have to be complex, it can be as easy as implementing software that makes work life simpler. Turning digital is a matter of keeping your company ahead of the curve, and increasing revenue. This is what my job is all about; helping companies grow,” says Ryan.

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Date: April 17, 2023
Reading Time: 5-6 minutes
Written By: B2B Technologies


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