Inside the 50/50 experience: time split between work & home

Time Split between Work & Home

With the year almost over, and the uncertainty of the coming months, we felt it important to look at the experience of those who are splitting their work time between the office and home, and how they have managed to find that work-life balance.

As a company who has been affected by the pandemic, we had a responsibility to ensure our team was safe, but also ensure their and the company’s financial stability.

Here are just some experiences of the staff, and how they have managed through this time.

Q: How have you been splitting your time between work and home? Why is this so?

Rebecca, Marketing: “I have been operating on a 50/50 split, wherein, within our 2-week cycle, I work from home 5 days and I work in the office 5 days. I find that with the software in place, and access I have to the network drives, I can effectively work from home.”

Andrew, Sales: “I operate in the office more than I do at home, this is because I’m more productive being around my peers. Cold-calling, arranging client meetings and helping my customers, requires my full attention. I am still able to meet clients, so that also factors into whether it’s a remote work day or not.”

Deidre, Customer Fulfilment: “My work days have remained the same, but I am now able to work in the Wollongong office half the time, which is closer to home. The support for the sales team that my job entails suits an office rather than working remotely.”

Q: When the full lockdown was in place a few months ago, how did you manage to balance work and home life?

Deidre, Customer Fulfilment: “At first it was quite difficult to adjust. There was a lot of paperwork sprawled in my office, which I wasn’t used to. Getting the Ricoh desktop multifunction printer for home to scan paperwork into the system really helped to keep our document workflow processes moving along.

I found keeping my work things in the office, and shutting the door after office hours made all the difference. It was important to keep work separate.”

TJ, Reception: “I found that keeping to a schedule was key. Waking up at a set time, getting dressed, making coffee and then doing my work. Taking my lunch break in a separate room was also helpful.”

Q: What was the most helpful tool or activity to get you through the last few months?

Andrew, Sales: “The continuation of our weekly, virtual sales meetings. We were able to connect to our team, and those within the other offices. It helped make sure we still had a sense of normalcy, and keeping to a routine.”

Rebecca, Marketing: “It would probably have to be our software that let myself and my manager work together, even though we were apart. Together, we could work on documents, and access files without worrying about the other.”

Q: Do you have any tips for people that are still working from home?

TJ, Reception: “Having the right set-up is the difference between getting your work done, and being productive.”

Leanne, Sales: “Make sure to keep in contact with your team. It makes a huge difference. I found that the more I engaged, the more normal working from home felt.”

Deidre, Customer Fulfilment: “Accessing your files is critical, whether in soft or hard copy. That’s why I needed to get a desktop multifunction printer. It made all the difference to my organisation and productivity.”

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