Simple Ways to Automate Your Business

When people hear or read about automation, it sounds quite daunting. You think of robotic arms, and people losing jobs. However, it doesn’t have to be as complicated as that. There are simple ways to automate your business. Automation can be as simple as turning routine, manual tasks into something seamless.

We specialise in helping businesses digitally transform through automating their manual tasks. New technologies have been made available to businesses to help automate manual tasks, consolidate and manage data and information, streamlines processes and more. This is known as Digital Transformation.

According to a report by Gartner, 56% of CEOs have said that digital improvements have led to revenue growth. This is not surprising, as automating tasks and implementing a digital strategy can turn a 5-hour job into a 20-minute job; freeing up your employees to use their time more valuably.

Have a read below to see some simple steps you can take to automate your business processes:

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1.Automate routine tasks

Software is now capable of automating your batch scanning process. You can automate document workflows, which captures, processes and stores scanned documents, as well as documents generated by other applications.

These new technologies have been created to ensure that the simplest tasks do not take up more of your time than they should. This means, instead of spending hours on end scanning, filing and renaming documents, you only spend a few minutes.

Not only does this software do all the hard work for you, but you will now have the right information at the right time, in the right place. Especially when the information is only available on paper. Scanning using this software also enables it to become a searchable PDF. So not only is it in the right place, you can find any information you need just by searching for it.

The software we recommend to our customers, is ScannerVision. We are the only Australian-reseller of this product.

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2.Distribute files based on pre-defined characteristics

Enterprise content management systems are available to centralise important business content in one secure location. Not only this, but it then delivers relevant information to the right people when they need it, wherever they are.

Streamlining areas of your workflow process can ensure increased productivity, and reduce paper wastage through sending files to the next person at the click of a button, and enabling pop-up or email notifications when a file arrives to you.

Additionally, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology is employed to help capture information on a document and send it to a repository of your choice automatically.

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3.Automated orders for your print fleet

Software for managing your devices is designed to accurately and securely monitor and optimise your printers, copiers and MFPs. This ensures optimal performance by automating the process of delivering meter reads and toner alerts.

It gives real-time intelligence on your printing and copying environment and proactively notifies when issues arise that require attention. This type of automation allows more up-time, and limits manual tasks of meter reads and ordering toner.

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4.Rules-based printing

Printer software can fully control print and copy throughout your print fleet, ultimately allowing the tracking to control print behaviour and eliminates paper waste.

Rules-based printing can control the way that users print through print policies and set user quotas. These include limiting colour prints, enabling double-sided printing and more. The best part is that it automatically applies rules-based printing once rules are set. Analyse printing use and produce reports to spot inefficiencies, wastage or equipment abuse.

Make it easy to manage your devices without the complexity.

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Analytics provided through digital workflow automation software is the key to helping you make business decisions and see staff productivity.

With printer software, you can analyse printing use and produce reports to spot inefficiencies, wastage or equipment abuse.

All analytics provided by each software are stored on a fully secured server.

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Date: April 17, 2023
Reading Time: 5-6 minutes
Written By: B2B Technologies


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