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With remote work and covid taking us away from working in the office, it’s time to invest in the right solutions that can help you ensure the highest level of productivity and accessibility when working from home. 

1.Home office printer

Choosing the right printer for you is easy when you know what you are looking for. Each person has different needs. We offer a range of A3 and A4 printers that won’t take up too much space and will suit your requirements.

“We were provided with different options for brands and capabilities and assisted to make a choice right for our needs,” says Alexandra, a customer of our Wollongong office. 

Printers are developed to suit individual needs, such as being diverse and fast with up-to-date technology, small but high functioning, highly secure and sustainable. Many printers have a mix of these features. Click here to read about some of our best-selling printers with these features


A simple solution like a headset can significantly impact your productivity, especially when working alongside others in your home. 

Jabra headsets are the perfect accessory to help you work from home. Headsets offer features like effective noise-cancellation, a busy light that acts as a ‘do not disturb’ and they work with all mobile devices, allowing the easy transfer of calls from apps.

These headsets are the “world’s leading professional headsets for concentration and collaboration to stay productive the entire day,” states Jabra. 

Not only is this headset great for working from home, but they are also perfect for the office. Buy a Jabra headset, and you can work anywhere with superior wireless audio performance.

3.Video conferencing

Video conferencing is the key to keeping connected to the workforce. Many companies turn to a virtual meeting via Zoom or Microsoft Teams. This way is great when you are all using the same platform. 

However, what if we told you that new technologies exist to make connecting on different platforms through different devices easier? 

Collaboration solutions allow you to converse with anyone on an existing device and system, even those from other countries. These include phones, tablets, PCs and teleconference systems no matter the platform or brand, all these can connect through one service.

Video conferencing can also be done through Ricoh’s interactive whiteboards that come in a range of sizes, even as small as 32 inches. Establish a virtual meeting room that enables you to hold a video meeting, as well as share a presentation. 

4.Digital workflow solutions

This sounds like a complicated solution, however all it means is making your existing manual processes digital through software.

Working from home is easier when you have your processes digitised, as you are part of a specific workflow, all from your laptop. 

Without this, it makes it difficult by having to use multiple platforms and emails and approvals.

Save time going back and forth via email or phone, and have it simplified on your laptop. Interested in upgrading your home office with our solutions? Get your free quote today: 1300 213 074 or email

Date: April 17, 2023
Reading Time: 5 minutes
Written By: B2B Technologies


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