Video Conferencing: Are you secure?

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is now the solution that companies depend on while working remotely. Intending to continue a modest level of normal operations, video conferencing is the new way of discussing business and operations. This begs the question, is your chosen video-conferencing app secure enough for your business?

Recently, the app Zoom had confirmed its end-to-end encryption would be available for paid users only, meaning data is not accessible by any one including Zoom or Law enforcement, was met with outrage[1]. This led the company to implement changes in their security features.

Eric Yuan, CEO of Zoom, came out to confirm that free users are now eligible to receive top level security in exchange for entering personal details, including providing a phone number and its verification – and if not, Zoom’s standard level of encryption would be applied[2].

While many people would opt to change to the paid version of Zoom, and those who don’t have to settle for free Zoom, you can choose other ways of conferencing via video. Below are some alternative apps and products to help businesses converse securely via video:


Ricoh’s Unified Communications Video Conferencing is “a secure cloud video conferencing service that provides interoperability using a Virtual Meeting Room. Virtual Meeting Room enables you to hold a video meeting with up to 50 connections in the one room. Video participants can all hear and see each other, as well as share content”[1]. It is able to connect you and your guests to one meeting room, no matter the video conferencing technology of your choice.

This is compatible with technology such as Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meets and more. This platform is able to launch on-premise or in any cloud environment. Moreover, its security and privacy is compliant with government regulations, such as the GDPR, has calls encrypted by default, is ISO27001 certified and media is maintained in regions, meaning data is stored locally.

Ricoh has also partnered with Logitech to allow for their devices, such as Interactive Whiteboards, to be compatible with high quality webcams.


BenQ’s Interactive Flat Panel’s Smart Display facilitates effective communication for international corporations without external PCs, training, or complicated server setup. The embedded camera and array mic options enhances meeting efficiency, and ultimately boosts productivity.

It is pre-installed with video conferencing apps, such as Blizz. Blizz by TeamViewer, “is a powerful cloud meeting service that unifies video conferencing, simple online meetings, group messaging, and discussion management. With a one-click-to-start interface, you can easily host a high-quality, audio-visual group meeting by connecting various devices” – including PCs, Macs, tablets and smartphones.

Blizz instantly launches a meeting with one click, connecting up to 300 participants. It can be accessed by non-users through any browser. The application has a secure Team-Chat with advanced features, is ISO27001 certified, has 256Bit end-to-end encryption and operates on the TeamViewer global network.

B2B Technologies operates to empower all businesses by tailoring our solutions to meet your needs. Our products are here to help keep your data and information secure, so you can operate business as usual, with no worries.

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Date: April 17, 2023
Reading Time: 5-6 minutes
Written By: B2B Technologies


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