Why You Need Digital Consulting


Investing in digital transformation solutions is now becoming more common for businesses, and why you need digital consulting. According to PWC, “Digitisation is transforming how companies in every industry go to market, interact with customers, and carry out their operations”. 

In order to not be left behind, more and more companies are turning to digitalisation tools. 

It’s not enough to simply invest in static technology tools, but rather develop a strategy to implement lasting and innovative change in your company through digitalisation. 

“The digital transformation required, however, is complex, time-consuming, and expensive, and it affects every aspect of the enterprise. So, it’s essential that companies actively plan and monitor their digital investments in order to get their money’s worth out of the effort.”

Now more than ever, is the time to ask for help when you need it. Knowing where to start, and what is the right solution for your business is essential for transforming your business effectively.

As a B2B-based business, we know that customers love to buy the product when they know they are being looked after. Keep reading to read why you need digital consulting.

B2B Technologies | Why You Need Digital Consulting - why you need digital consulting.

Why You Need Digital Consulting

B2B Technologies now offers Digital Consultancy, with our Solutions Manager, Ryan Hiscock, leading the way. 

“One thing I always tell my clients is this; any person can come in to your company trying to find a problem to fit their product, but what we do, is find the right solution to solve your problem,” says Ryan. 

Ryan has worked hard with suppliers to ensure he has a range of products that can benefit a business in their digital transformation journey. Some notable software includes Hyland’s OnBase enterprise information platform, Scannervision’s automation applications, and robotic process automation tools. 

Ryan notes that his approach stems from an agile project management style, where practical and achievable goals are set that can also adapt.

“It is a partnership, where we enable the client to have their own objectives, the process and the outcomes with B2B Technologies guiding and providing skills where required,” says Ryan. 

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How It Works

Every project starts with the first steps of collating and defining what processes exist, both internally and customer focused, with key attention placed on the stakeholders and representatives so the overall desired outcomes can be clarified. 

This is followed by workshop sessions that help build a common understanding of specific objectives, define the scope and success criteria, and identify processes to tackle and prioritise. 

Finally, delivery and implementation is achieved wherein the team starts building and effecting the solutions within the set timeframe and meeting all requirements. We also can work with current suppliers to provide the best possible solutions within your product suite. 

This approach is intended not just to help you stay competitive in today’s business world, but increase productivity, improve the customer experience and gain the insights needed to grow and innovate your business, and to help your business achieve its future goals. 

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Why Choose Us

B2B Technologies has the skills and experience to translate your digital strategy into measurable results. We can bring their experience and insight to independently assist you in choosing the right solutions for your business, and help you digitally transform your business the right way. 

B2B Technologies has been in business for over 30 years. During this time we have curated partnerships with premium manufacturers and suppliers to ensure our customers get the best solutions possible.

The best part about our digital consultancy services is that it can combine with our other solutions. If you now understand why you need digital consulting and want to get in touch:

Contact us today for more information or a free quote. Alternatively, to chat with Ryan direct call us at 1300 213 074 or email us at info@b2btechnologies.com.au

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