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Why You Should Invest in Print Software: printers are needed in most businesses, as much as we try to reduce paper and be more sustainable. This is because the print industry has adapted.

Many leading print manufacturers have invested in product innovation and development to provide sustainable products and services to support their customers.

Not only are print devices more environmentally friendly, with smart sustainable features, software and technology have been created to advance this.

Embedded software on printers and multifunction devices are simple and low-cost applications directly installed on a server or device. This allows you to control and manage your print fleet.

In turn, this eliminates waste, encourages responsible print behaviour, and ensures users and departments are accountable for their usage.

Why You Should Invest in Print Software

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Papercut is a software that enables fully featured print and copy control, allows tracking to control print behaviour, allows you to print securely, and eliminates waste.

Making it easy to manage your devices without the complexity. This software works for all your printer brands, model, or make!

Its features ensure you can securely release prints from any device and employ authentication methods such as access cards and PIN codes. It’s a great experience for users, wastage is dramatically cut as unwanted print-outs are never produced, and you save big on consumables costs.

Not only this, but enabling rules-based printing can help control the way that users print through print policies, and set user quotas.

This means that you can save paper and money on toners. Additionally, the cost recovery is extended through the allocation of print costs to users, devices, departments, or client levels.

Finally, analysis of printing use is generated through analytics and reports that help the business spot inefficiencies, wastage, or equipment abuse. These are just some of the many features this particular software offers.

Papercut is a great example of why you should invest in print software.

B2B Technologies | Why You Should Invest in Print Software - Why You Should Invest in Print Software


This software differs greatly from Papercut. These options ensure device management, designed to accurately and securely monitor and optimise your printers, copiers, and MFPs.

This ensures optimal performance by automating the process of delivering meter reads and toner alerts, allowing real-time intelligence on the printing and copying environment and eliminates the burden of reporting meters, and service and supplies information manually.

This is done by notifying the issues when they arise, saving you time and ensuring your devices are properly and efficiently cared for – another reason why you should invest in print software.

Not only this, but it provides insight into expense tracking, volume monitoring, failure reporting, and more.

According to 3manager, “With a data-driven approach, 3manager reduces time-consuming tasks related to printer management drastically. This means more time for making the right decisions rather than spending time analyzing data.”

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These features alone highlight the amazing benefits print software has for a company.

Overall, the encouragement of responsible print behaviour and prevention of waste helps your company maintain its sustainable initiatives, by cutting paper waste and saving power usage; all the while cutting costs.

The automation services allow for more up-time and help ensure time is not wasted on manual tasks such as meter reads collection and toner ordering, as well as automatically applying rules-based printing once said rules are set.

The security of the software is also a huge benefit, as it keeps documents safe and secure until you are ready to print them, as well as storing analytics on a fully-secured server.

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Date: May 9, 2023
Reading Time: 5-6 minutes
Written By: B2B Technologies


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