Working Remotely: how to do it successfully

Working Remotely

Recent current events have seen a turn in remote working. Many companies are encouraging employees to work from home, or even split their time between work and home, to prevent the spread of COVID-19. B2B Technologies is one of these companies.

We know how hard it is for some to be able to work remotely, especially when it has never been done before. Our company has ensured we use our own solutions to help ease the transition. Here are some tech tools companies need to have in place to enable remote work:

1.Video conferencing solutions

Spending an hour talking in close quarters with other people? Sounds like an activity to avoid amid an outbreak. Working remotely does not need to stop your regular meetings or interactions with your co-workers, or those outside of your organisation. Our collaboration solutions allow you to converse with anyone on any of your existing devices and systems, even those in other countries. These include phones, tablets, PCs and teleconference systems no matter the platform or brand all these can connect through our one service.

Ricoh’s UCS Advanced Cloud Video Conferencing solution will provide interoperability using a virtual meeting room. Virtual meeting room enables you to hold a video meeting, as well as share a presentation. It’s often extremely challenging to connect your users to videoconferencing systems on other networks, this video conferencing solution will integrate with Zoom, Teams and most other video conference platforms.

2.Visitor Management

A digital visitor management solution can help take small measures to remain vigilant and protect your work environment.

We have a number of features that you can utilize with this visitor management solution to help protect your organisation while aiding the reduction and spread of COVID-19. Use the power of important notices or triggers on your sign-in kiosk to include conditions of entry, questions about visitors recent travel or health concerns. Also, with the recent advice to go “hands-free” as a way to combat the spread of the virus, help your employees, visitors and contractors go “hands-free” when signing into and out of your organisation by using the mobile app without the need to touch a kiosk.

3. Access your files and documents

The hardest thing about working remotely, is the limited access to your company systems or networks. This is crucial as they house all the data and documents you need to continue your normal work schedule.

With certain software solutions, you can access all documents in a secure location, no matter where you are. They also enable viewing of files from any device and digitally sign documents.

Content management solutions are safe and secure, ensuring you have the information you need at your fingertips without ever compromising its security.

4.Managed print services

Managed print services are not restricted to an office. We can help provide desktop facilities that are low-cost and provide auto-refill consumables; all attached to your main office agreement.

B2B Technologies is here to act as a solution provider to help individuals and companies alike keep their work schedule as routine and normal as possible. As a company who is turning to remote work, we know how to help. Contact us today:

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Date: April 17, 2023
Reading Time: 5-6 minutes
Written By: B2B Technologies


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